23 Mar 2014

March 23

Well we seemed to have missed eight days. Life got in the way culminating in the eldest lad spending a couple of days in hospital having an operation on his mouth. He is on the mend now and has even eaten a bit better today.

Did get the opportunity yesterday to give Mrs CS a reminder of what the wooden spoon feels like.

Started of on her jeans for a little warming before getting them down to inspect the damage so far..

...before giving a few more with knickers on, not that they are offering any protection....

...bit more colour added, with a view of the wooden spoon I was using...

and the panties came down, I like this view, you can see the colour on the lower half of her bum......

....and this is a good view of the lower half of her buttocks.

14 Mar 2014

March 14

Three more pics from yesterdays punishment, there has been improvement today, but it did take her over 25 minutes to reply to a text after reading it. Punishment for that will carried out tomorrow.

13 Mar 2014

March 13

Trouble in the household with several of my decisions being greeted with a sigh.  this is the view from the front.

And this from the back.